How To Achieve A Safer Life

What is going on in the news about safe living

When we read the news of follow a news feed there is a trend that the world is becoming more and more dangerous.
The news is filled with robberies, burglaries and more violent crimes than I can remember.

We have to actively start thinking how to achieve a safer life for us and our loved ones.
We are not able to hide from the world and live in our own safe little world.
We have to go out and do things like work, school, shopping and one last thing we need also is entertainment.

Even entertainment can be a danger by itself. Theater shootings were in the news a while ago and still many people are not ready to go see a movie anymore because of the fear they have.

What can we do to make our life safer

There are many things we can do to keep our life as safe as possible. Like I wrote before there is no way we can live a hundred percent safe life unless we stop interacting with the world and hide behind thick walls and a fenced in property.

There are however a few simple things we can do to make our life safer and here is my personal list of things of 3 things I do.

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times
  • Stay away form places you don’t trust
  • Where some kind of personal protection device

What I mean with being aware of your surrounding is that as an example when you go to the ATM you do not do that after dark or in a bank that is located in a remote area. You try to do that in the day time or at a bank located in a lighted area with more people around.

What I mean with stay away from places you don’t trust is that you do not park your car at the dark end or a parking lot when you visit your local store or shopping center. Just park in the light and make sure there is room between your car and the car or cars next to you.

What I mean with wearing some kind of personal protection is that I think that everyone should have some personal protection device on him or her.

I have done some research about non lethal self defense and besides becoming a member of a martial arts studio and practice for years there are a few non lethal weapons I recommend and have in my possession myself and that is:

  • Pepper spray
  • Flashlight Stun-gun

I cam to the conclusion that my life is revolving a lot of times by being in the car and that is what I needed to focus on. In my house I feel fairly safe and secure because I have a gun sitting around all the time and at night I have it ready to go on the night stand.

In my car however I would like to have a gun, but because of the laws in different  states that is not the best solution.

I opted for a keychain pepper spray that is placed on my sun-visor and in that way is easy to reach and can be ready to use in a matter of seconds.

My second choice was a flashlight stun gun. A flashlight is always good to have in your car and the one I choose has the new LED lights that makes the battery last a long time. The stun gun is hidden in the flashlight and is ready to use as soon as you need it. The other feature is that it can be charged at home and in the car. This makes it easier to have it charged and ready all the time.

I am not claiming that this is the best protection for in a car, but it is far better then using nothing. I feel more secure now I have those two items with me.

If you have any other idea about self defense and or a safer life in general feel free to contact me and maybe you can publish it here. We can make this world a safer place if we help each-other with tips and ideas.