Is It To Cold To Grill ?

I have heard so many time that people do not use their grill in the winter. They only grill when it is warm and nice outside.

This is a waist of a, most of the time, very expensive grill and can only make it go bad sooner. By keeping your grill going even in the colder seasons you prevent rust to build up and  can make your grill last a lot of more years in general.

grill in winter
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Grilling in the colder season is not so hard to do. Just keep it out of the wind and rain by using a good and quality grill cover and you can keep grilling year around.

A good jacket and maybe a hat and you are good to to for grilling in the colder seasons. Meat taste just as good as in the summer or warmer months and why would you deprive yourself of a nice grilled piece of meat because its colder.

I can understand that in a winter blizzard or snow storm you will not go outside and fire up a grill, but on a day with not to much wind and or precipitation I love to put some meat on the grill and enjoy a good meal.

Next time give it a try and see how much easier it is than you thought it would be.

If you decide not to go for it make sure to clean your grill before the end of what some people call grilling season and prepare it for winter by using a good quality grill cover to protect it from rain and snow. Better is even to put it in you shed or garage.

Happy winter grilling